Managing Your Madness

I have come to realize a lot of my stress in school comes from not managing my time as well I should. A way I have come to help alleviate¬†my stress is by scheduling what I’m going to do and when I’m going to do it. For example, instead of just writing my assignments down for the week I write next to them when they are due and when I plan to do them. It really has helped me a lot to get stuff done without feeling as much pressure. I hope this encouraged you to do the same! Even if it’s not for school time management is a great life skill that will help you in the future. ūüôā


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I’ve noticed sometimes when I’m feeling stressed it feels good to get some ideas on paper. I really enjoy being able to express myself when I’m under pressure. So next time you’re stressed maybe your go-to should be a sketchbook or a canvas. We all have our outlets and this seems to be a fairly healthy one. Let your creativity flow and maybe even listen to some tunes! Happy crafting ūüôā


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Spring Break

Over my spring break, I took some of my own advice and took a break from life and slept a bunch. It was amazing. Much needed time off can do wonders in the motivation department. I came back to school and got right to work, reluctantly at first, but now I feel a sense of renewed energy to help get me through the day. Hope you all had a chance to take a break too! If not for a week, still try to set aside some time to¬†regain your health. It’s better to be able to give a well-rested 100% than to push yourself too hard and only be able to give 50%. Remember to comment below if you were lead here by my rock!¬†#thekindnessrocksproject

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Sleep is So Important

There are a million reasons why sleep benefits you so I’m going to keep it brief. Without getting enough sleep it can become very difficult to function properly. With changing schedules finding a good sleep pattern can be hard but should remain a priority. I recently have gotten bad about when I go to sleep and notice it’s really affecting me. Lack of sleep can have negative effects¬†on your health physically and mentally. Many studies show it’s especially vital to teens and¬†children who aren’t fully developed. So do yourself a favor, make a sleep schedule, then stick to it! You’ll feel much better in the long run ūüôā

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Melodies Can Ease Your Misery


I genuinely surprised myself when I scrolled through my posts and realized I hadn’t written about music yet. Music is my go to. ¬†A lot of my life revolves around music. I think it should be everyone’s go to stress reliever, because for me it always seems to offer immediate relief. Most people these days have access to some sort of device that has internet access. I count myself lucky to be one of them with thousands of songs at the push of a button. Studies even show that instrumental music is good to study to. It can improve your quality of work. More importantly it can relax you in time of need when things are piling up. So the next time you’re hitting the books go grab your headphones. It doesn’t have to be instrumental music every time. I highly recommend one of my personal favorites “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” by Bob Marley. An oldie but a goodie that seems to do the trick every time.

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Laughter for Relief


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Studies have shown that laughter can cause not only emotional but physical healing. Laughter is a wonderful way to provide some reprieve. My goal is to share some comedy on this page that might provide some relief for my¬†readers. Let’s talk about some of the physical benefits of laughter.It helps to relax you which can have immune boosting effects.¬†“Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease.” (quote from¬†“Laughter Is The Best Medicine”¬†) I highly recommend reading this article if you’re interested in more benefits of laughter.


Exercising to Reduce Stress


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“Running, Running Long-Distance”¬†¬†by Skeeze ¬†under CC0 Creative Commons

Exercise is extremely beneficial. It has been proven to increase not only physical¬†but mental health. When struggling with your mood exercise can reduce symptoms of both anxiety and depression. It also helps your brain to function more clearly helping prevent you being overwhelmed. Sometimes the reason you’re stressed is that you didn’t get enough sleep. People who exercise regularly report getting a better night’s sleep than those who don’t. It is recommended you exercise at least 1 hour a day minimum. So the next time you know you’re going to have a stressful week try to schedule an exercise regime to help you through it. The recommended¬†time to get the most out of exercise is first thing in the morning. They say this because you can begin rested and start your day productively. I hope this was helpful to you!