I’ve noticed sometimes when I’m feeling stressed it feels good to get some ideas on paper. I really enjoy being able to express myself when I’m under pressure. So next time you’re stressed maybe your go-to should be a sketchbook or a canvas. We all have our outlets and this seems to be a fairly healthy one. Let your creativity flow and maybe even listen to some tunes! Happy crafting 🙂


Screenshot 2018-05-02 at 10.53.38 PM.png
Poppy Fields Painting by Karen Arnold published on under CC0 License




7 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. This is so true! I am not good at drawing, but when I am stressed I like to write stories that help me feel better. Fantasy stories like the ones I write really help me feel stress-free!


  2. I like this. Sometimes I do this too. It helps me to make something themed with what’s going on to give myself some time to think about it while my feelings about it pour into what I’m making.


  3. I don’t usually draw, but I know that when I’m stressed drawing can definitely help me stay calm and not get too overwhelmed.


  4. Creativity is what I turn to the most when dealing with a jumble of emotions, it is definitely relaxing and helps me feel a bit better after putting all my thoughts down.


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