Projecting Positivity

I am all for projecting positivity. I think we need more of it in the world, and it’s hard to see the bright side sometimes. That is why I think this project is so awesome. It is called ‘The Kindness Rocks Project’ and it’s all about spreading positive messages. The idea is you write(or paint) your positive message/motif on your rock. Then you ask permission and hide it somewhere for people to find. My rock says “Don’t fear change.” I chose this phrase because I often catch myself fearing change. When, in all reality, change is inevitable. This year I am going to focus my personal growth instead of fearing change, whether it be emotional, academic, etc. If my rock brought you here I encourage you to comment! Maybe even participate yourself? Make sure to go check out their website, and to credit #thekindnessrocksproject on the back of your creations! 😀

‘Don’t Fear Change’ by Me under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike-4.0 International License

8 thoughts on “Projecting Positivity

  1. I think this is a great idea. It kind of gives a chance for people to come upon it and take it as a sign. A surprise like this can really change someone’s day and I think a lot of people will benefit from finding one. I think I might start doing this!


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