Take A Break

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‘Person Holding and Reading a Book’ by  Negative Space under CC0 Creative Commons License

When I feel particularly overwhelmed I like to make a checklist of what I have to do. I go one by one feeling a little better with each item I get to cross off of my to-do list. However some days it feels like you just can’t win, and even though you’re accomplishing your goals the list just keeps getting longer. Instead of giving into the urge to just give up I like to do bit by bit with short breaks in between. Personally, I like to take fifteen-twenty minutes tops to read a good book. It calms me down and generally gives me some perspective. Remember slow and steady wins the race so don’t be too hard on yourself.


6 thoughts on “Take A Break

  1. I agree, it is very important to take breaks and just breathe. School is so overwhelming and stressful, we all need to find our happy place, whether it’s reading and a five minute exercise.


  2. Very well done! I agree with you, I have written before on the importance of lowering stress. I should start reading when stressed, it would probably help me! Keep up the good work!

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