Yoga & Finding Some Inner Peace

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“Yoga” by Stux under CC0 License

It’s hard to feel truly relaxed or get anything done when you can’t stop feeling like everything is out of whack. I think yoga is a great way to get in touch with yourself by starting and/or ending your day on the right foot. Using stretching techniques in yoga is normally done with calming music or no sound at all giving the mind much needed time to wander. Without ever having time to reflect with all of the new distractions we encounter every day it becomes a struggle to not be overwhelmed. Each day that we choose to shove aside the importance of our mental health the stress gets harder to fight off. You may feel as if you’re losing control of your emotions. However, to me, yoga is a way to get around that negative energy building up. It allows some pressure to be lifted so that I can handle my responsibilities. I find yoga to be most helpful at the very beginning or very end of the day. Probably due to that’s when all the things I need to do start to nag at me and I can’t stop the flow. I now realize I don’t need to stop the flow, only to redirect the energy into something productive that is both physically and mentally engaging. I hope this post is of use to you and I strongly encourage you to sign up for a local class or even to just buy a yoga matt and some DVDs. If money is of consequence stretching is free. Try finding a soft rug and following along to some step by step youtube tutorials. I end today’s thoughts with this; Put your mental health first. It is a priority.


4 thoughts on “Yoga & Finding Some Inner Peace

  1. This post was very interesting to me. I would like to try yoga, but I am afraid to due to complications. I have problems with my calves, hamstrings, hips, and the hip problems sometimes cause back problems. I know yoga should, in theory, help these issues, but I am not flexible either. Would yoga still be beneficial for me or would my inability to do certain “poses” just frustrate me more?


    1. There is no need to feel frustrated if you can’t do a pose. It’s not about the difficulty it’s more about what’s comfortable to you. Stick with a program that goes at your own pace. As for your pain problems I would suggest asking a doctor to see if yoga would be beneficial to your unique problems beforehand. I wish you luck!

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